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We are delighted to announce our partnership with Groton Public School students in the Transition Academy in Groton, CT. Self-named, the "Spice Crew" is a group of students involved in our unique entrepreneurship program. They are producing and packaging our original hand-blended recipes, while gaining invaluable life skills. Much pride and happiness goes into each Noank Nibbles product!

Below, you can see the "Spice Crew" at work at the Summer Noank Nibbles/Groton Public Schools Summer Farmers Market. Be sure to watch the video of one of our students interacting with the Summer Farmers Market director Dave Gruber. The Transition Academy student composes his own songs and plays at our stand! This is the beauty of collaborating with the young adults to help them learn...we encourage them to be who they are and teach them how to utilize all of the special qualities they possess!

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Spice Crew 2.JPG

Read more about our partnership with the students and how we work together to deliver you with delicious spice, herb and dessert blends. Go to page 8 of The Resident Good News to learn more about Noank Nibble's origin and our subsequent partnership with the Transition Academy. The Westerly Sun provides more insight to the "Spice Crew" and the opportunities that Elisa gives the students to build their life skills.